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Danny and Julie Yoham

We were getting married

The calendars and pictures on my cards are available alone or with text. Your choices are reflected in the finished product especially for you. 

Calendar 2020 

The memories are everything I remember this is my life 

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We Specialize in Fantasy Photos and Creative Memories

Capturing Unforgettable Moments in a Flash

Life is precious and filled with memories that last forever. Through photos and videos, we are able to see what people from different generations experienced. We can even grow to appreciate our loved ones more after getting a glimpse of what they went through. At Julie Bajo Yoham Photography in Homestead, Florida, we understand this and offer our services to fulfill the photography needs of our clients all over the world.

What We Offer

Julie Bajo Yoham, our owner, has a unique way of looking at life, and her creative design reflects in her photos. She also has a love for memories that shines through the products she creates.

She has a beautiful library of photos that go on postcards and greeting cards written by her that are available for purchase. Additionally, Julie has a library of photographs available for your projects. These pictures can be used for pillows😎😀, prints, and other items. Aside from photography services and products, our business offers jewelry from her collection and clothing.

I was always a rock star in front of the camera for decades now I love taking photos especially recording the days forever memories because life is fleeting and beautiful to be remembered. 

The Calendar topics include Spirituality, Gratitude, Advancing, Life, Multi-dimensionality,  Forgiveness  and more paragraphs about lessons of life and enlightenment 

My home

This is my backyard and mushroom photos, sunsets 

Julie Bajo Yoham copyright juliebajoyohamphotography 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to consistently provide our clients with exceptional photography services and high-quality products.

About Our Owner

Julie is a photographer, creative designer, and video editor. During the last 30 years, she learned the art and developed her craft by traveling to various exotic places. She has also been in front of the camera as a model for postcards and many photo projects, and we now offer some of those beautiful photographs for sale.

We are currently working on several 2020 calendar sections as well as greeting cards with photos and inspirational sayings Julie wrote along with her photos. During this time, her vision of creating beautiful memories to share forever was born.

As she experienced dancing and acting in front of the camera, she also learned from many photographers and met many celebrities along the way. While creating shows for the stage, she learned to appreciate the moments that are memorable and fleeting. During this time of her life, she lost some people she loved dearly, and this experience made her realize the importance of treasuring precious moments to relive
and enjoy.

Now married, she now has a family that loves life. She became the observer taking pictures and videos with the love and passion she always had throughout her life.

Julie is currently working on write-ups along with the photos in the form of postcards, calendars, and small books with short stories. She will also be working on coffee table books featuring some of her beautiful memories throughout her decades of creative existence.

She also has a jewelry collection for sale, including some pieces made in Alaska by Katherine, her sister-in-law. She will soon be selling clothing with special prints of her photos and designs.

Julie brings together all her talents as a traveler and a student of enlightenment as well as her the passion for all things photography into the products she offers.

Now a wife, Julie loves to cook and write as well as create memories and take it all in daily. She has also been working on a cookbook, which includes amazing stories and recipes that reflect her love of cooking using spices and herbs for healthy and reasonably priced meals to enjoy with the family.


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The Keys 

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Gigi Jewels Collection 

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Jewel Collection 

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Collection of Clothing for Sale 

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Sexy Collection 

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Reach Out to Us

Browse our website to learn more about the different products we offer. If you want to ask questions about the availability of our products or work one-on-one with Julie for photos, please contact us via email.

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